Our Mission is to serve America's Dentists with the strongest and most esthetic restorations available, delivered within three days of receiving an impression, thus increasing your patient's satisfaction.

Products and Services

  • Crowns and Bridges

    From custom bridges to a single crown, we offer a variety of top-of-the-line products made exactly to your patients’ needs and specifications.

  • Removables

    Using industry leading methods and materials we can provide your patients with confidence and a comfortable fit.

  • Implants

    When removable solutions don’t suit your patient’s needs, a variety of permanent custom solutions are available.

  • Milling

    Leading the state in innovative milling technology, we deliver ultra-precise and ultra-reliable prostheses, eliminating long seating times.

  • Digital

    Because of the high percentage of first-time fits, scanned digital impressions increase product accuracy, and dramatically reduce adjustments, impacting the customer’s experience.

Doctor’s Endorsements

  • Thanks to Express Dental Lab I can do the cases I used to think were too complicated. I work fewer hours, make more and have the satisfaction of knowing that my patients are getting some amazing dentistry.

    Dr. Zach Moffit, DDS | Brickhouse Dental Norman, OK
  • I had a case that Express Dental lab completely saved for me. With the use of their digital scanning technology we were able to fabricate a single day crown on a patient that had amazing marginal fit and matched so well we couldn't tell it wasn't the natural tooth. The ease of use of the system and the amazing team not only personally delivered the product but stayed to make sure their work was the exceptional quality we all strive for. They have earned a customer for life.

    Dr. Joey Flemming, DDS | Norman, OK
  • Fit, occlusion, inter-proximal and aesthetics are all perfect. No adjustments. Cementation went perfect today. Patient and I were delighted. Thanks!

    Steve Mueller, DDS | Oklahoma City, OK
  • Express Dental Lab, has been a tremendous partner in our success. There is nothing that impacts patients more than a crown that seats perfectly and looks even better. Minimal adjustments and beautiful esthetics speak to the quality we are trying to provide our patients. I know our patients can tell a difference. I feel Express truly want us to succeed and are tireless in their effort to accommodate us. I have worked on many complex cases with them and their expertise and efficiency is so wonderful. I'm so grateful for the relationship I have in a trusted lab and the friends they have become.

    Josh Brasher, DDS | Edmond, OK

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