Complete Denture Try-in

The Complete Denture Try-In at Express Dental Laboratory is a crucial step in ensuring the perfect fit and comfort of your dentures. During this stage, a wax model of your dentures is assessed for alignment, bite, and overall esthetics. We carefully examine details such as the midline, esthetics, and speech to ensure that your dentures meet your expectations. Your feedback is highly valued, and any necessary adjustments are made to guarantee an optimal fit and function. Once you’re satisfied with the try-in, your dentures are ready to proceed to the final processing phase. This step underscores our commitment to delivering personalized and comfortable dental solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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Immediate Denture- Traditional

Designed for patients undergoing extractions, this process involves the creation of dentures that are placed immediately after tooth removal. Our skilled technicians work closely with dental professionals to create Traditional Immediate Dentures that offer a seamless fit and a natural appearance. The process typically begins with the taking of impressions before the extraction procedure. This allows for the fabrication of dentures in advance, ensuring they are ready for immediate placement after tooth extraction.


We offer expertly crafted Base Plate and Wax Rims to lay the foundation for precise and personalized dental prosthetics. These base plates are custom-tailored to ensure optimal fit and functionality. Additionally, our Wax Rims serve as a crucial component in the denture fabrication process. Carefully sculpted to replicate the patient’s oral anatomy, Wax Rims assist in determining the proper alignment and esthetics of dentures.

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Our skilled technicians meticulously arrange and set up the artificial teeth on a base plate, creating a framework for partial or complete dentures. During the Set-Up with Teeth process, we prioritize accuracy in tooth placement, ensuring optimal occlusion and articulation. This meticulous arrangement not only contributes to the functionality of the prosthetic but also plays a crucial role in achieving a natural and esthetically pleasing appearance. We understand the importance of creating dentures that not only restore function but also enhance the overall oral esthetics.