Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic Services

As the orthodontic industry continues to evolve with digital innovations, Express Dental Laboratory continues to enhance our digital workflows and technology to meet those innovations. Our Digital Workflow allows our team to receive your intra-oral scans and, using our Stratasys J720 Full Color 3D Dental Printer, print the highest quality 3D Model on the market. All this to insure reduced chair time and high-quality appliances, retainers and splints.

Our staff of skilled technicians work personally with each office to ensure each custom appliance is fabricated to specifications. Our team gives each case the attention it deserves regardless how simply or complex. At Express, we recognize behind each case is not only our own reputation and that of your team, but an individual with a unique and beautiful smile!

Services Include: Full Range or Orthodontic Appliances, Hawley Retainer, Clear Retainers, Lingual Bonded Retainers, Space Maintainers, Rapid Palatal Expanders, Habit Appliances, Aligner Therapy

Express’s 3D Printer, Stratasys J720 Full Color 3D Printer

(able to print over 75 models in a single print job)

Express’s Aligner Therapy Digital Workflow

Express Dental Laboratory, America’s Premier Full -Service Dental Laboratory, incorporates a complete end-to-end Digital Aligner Therapy Workflow in manufacturing accurate and quality aligners.
It begins in the dental office with the panoramic x-ray and intraoral scan being sent to Express via
“Cerec Connect” (or other digital transfers) with the associated prescription.

Express treatable cases include Spacing, Mild Crowd-ing, Class II Division 1 (Canine Correction Only), Class I Division 2 (Canine Correction Only), Midline Discrepancy < 2mm (with IPR), Mild Deepbite (<2mm or anterior intrusion and/or posterior extrusion), Class III basic alignment for surgical cases, Mild anterior cross bites, Lower incisor extraction (space closure <2mm) and Anterior open bite correction (<2mm of only anterior extrusion).

Upon receiving, Express inspects the case to insuring all the necessary components are received and enters the case in a “Cloud Based” laboratory workflow system where the case can be monitored through the manufacturing process. This allows dental offices to inspect a case’s progress online. Our CAD/CAM team works with our Aligner Design Team to ensure all parties are clear regarding the dentist’s instructions. If there are any questions, the team will contact to dentist immediately to keep the case moving forward.

Once the Design Team is completed with the case, generally within than 4 to 5 days, a “Case Sum-mary” sheet will be sent to the dentist, along with a video capturing the prescribed treatment modifications.
Upon approval from the dentist, the case continues the manufacturing process with 3D orthodontic models being printed followed by each aligner being manufactured, trimmed and fitted.

The result is perfectly fitted aligners, as prescribed. To get your perfectly fitted aligners on a timely basis, simply contact Express to setup your account and send in your case!